Regular maintenance

Adhering to the routine maintenance schedule of your car is the key to a problem-free and long lasting car. Not doing the regular maintencances can end up costing a lot by creating a big or expensive problems that will need fixing.


How do you know what to do when?

Every car owner has an irreplaceable aid called the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual has a full section on all of the maintenance items and their recommended intervals. Take note of the intervals for items like engine oil and filter, belts and hoses, transmission oil changes, spark plugs (for older cars) etc.

However, the easiest way to keep your car in good health is to take it in for a regular oil change (usually once per year) and ask the service company to check all of the necessary other items for issues. Any Carstop service can compile a full list for you of what is needed to be done for your specific car and make you a price offer.


The following things can be a part of regular maintenance, depending on the mileage of the car:

  • Oil and filters change
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Checking and refilling coolant level
  • Power steering fluid check/change
  • Changing brake pads, brake fluid, or doing a full maintenance of the braking system
  • Checking the suspension
  • Replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires
  • Checking and replacing the belts
  • Checking and replacing any parts of the undercarriage and chassis like bushings, tie rod ends etc
  • Checking for leaks in the engine and replacing seals where needed
  • Checking the battery or replacing it when needed


Not all of the items on the above list needs yearly attention, some things need changing every 50 000 or even a 100 000 kilometers. Regardless, it is good to keep an eye on the whole car during a routine maintenance to determine any issues before they become real problems.

Carstop car services have an experienced team of mechanics with access to special tools and databases to cover any need a car might have. We can handle any routine maintenance for any passenger car make or model. Ask for a service time or price by writing to us through our contact form.

The longevity of your car will depend on how fast any emerging issues are solved. Whenever you notice something different or strange with your car, bring it to your closest Carstop service where our professionals will diagnose and fix the issue.