Air conditioning maintenance and repair

In Estonia there are few summer months, but when they do come, an AC is a lifesaver in a car, turning an unbearably hot car into a nice and cool oasis to drive around with in the summer heat. So, when you sit into a hot car, the last thing you want to see is an AC that is not blowing cool air.

How often does an AC system need to be recharged?

The AC system in a car operates by using a compressor to pressurize and circulate refrigerant through the AC sustem to produce cold air. So, when we talk about recharging the AC system, we mostly mean adding more refrigerant to the system.

As to how often a system needs to be recharged – the answer is „it depends“. There is no service schedule with the AC system, like there is for an oil change. You will not need to recharge your AC every couple of years. The best indicator is when the system does not cool the car as effectively as before or the system does not remove condensation moisture from the inside of windows.

It is also good to have your AC checked, if you notice any signs of refrigerant leakage. If you notice any signs of greasy film on the AC components or any pools of refrigerant under the car, then that is a sign of a leak.


Recharging the AC

When you bring your car in for an AC recharge, the specialist will start by checking system pressure with his tools. This way he will determine if your car just needs a recharge or there is a leak somewhere that needs to be repaired first.

If the initial test shows that there is a leak somewhere, the mechanic will have to do a thorough inspection of the system – pressure test, visual inspection of the pipes and fans, check of the sensors and checking if any fault codes exist.

Any leaks will have to be repaired before recharging the AC system. As the system needs pressure to operate, if a leak is present, just filling the AC might not get the system working again.

During the recharging process all of the old refrigerant and oil is vacuumed from the system and then refilled to the proper levels.

After this the mechanic will test the system to determine that the air conditioner is working properly.


How long does it take to recharge the AC and how much does it cost

When you just need a recharge, the maintenance time is around an hour. But if you also need full diagnostics and/or repairs, you should count on several hours.

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The longevity of your car will depend on how fast any emerging issues are solved. Whenever you notice something different or strange with your car, bring it to your closest Carstop service where our professionals will diagnose and fix the issue.