Brake check and repair

Brakes are an integral part of our car. If something in the brake system fails, your car will be undriveable and even dangerous on the road. So, it is very important to regularly check your brake system and perform maintenances whenever needed.

How to tell your brakes need maintenance?

The car’s brake system is quite long lasting, and mostly just certain parts of it need to be replaced. However, during times, larger issues might arise, resulting in a need for larger repairs in the system.

There are three specific things to look out for that indicate your may need to service your brakes:

  • Squealing or scraping noises. When you head noises coming from the brakes it usually means your break pads are worn and need to be replaced.
  • Jittery braking – if you feel the car vibrating specifically when braking, the brake rotor(s) might be warped and need to be replaced.
  • Car isn’t braking as efficiently as it used to or the brake pedal feels soft – there could be a leak in the brake fluid hoses. This needs to be checked and repaired asap as this kind of problem could at one point mean that your car won’t brake at all and you might get into an accident.

If your car has any issues with brakes, contact a Carstop service as soon as possible to get your car serviced.

Once you bring your car in to our service, we will diagnose the issue, make a price offer and even organize the delivery of spare parts. You will not need to worry about anything, but to just come pick up your car once it’s brakes have been serviced.


The longevity of your car will depend on how fast any emerging issues are solved. Whenever you notice something different or strange with your car, bring it to your closest Carstop service where our professionals will diagnose and fix the issue.