Car battery check, sale and replacement

Taking good care of your battery will help extend its life. At Carstop services we are able to perform a thorough check on your car’s battery to make sure you will never be left with a car that won’t start in the morning.

Battery testing should be considered a part of any periodic maintenance, so we suggest you order a check every year at your regular maintenance or oil change. A battery will rarely give a long advance notice that it is becoming depleted, so regular checks will enable you to know when it is time to replace your battery.

If during a battery check we find that your battery is nearing its critical limit, we will suggest a replacement for you. We will find the battery that is suitable for your car based upon its dimensions and charge. Modern cars are loaded with electrical consumers and if the charge on a replacement battery is too low, it will not last on the car. At Carstop services our techs will find the batteries that are suitable specifically for your car make and model and present some options for you to choose between.

Once a replacement battery is chosen, we will perform the replacement, following all procedures necessary to avoid any issues with the car. Some cars will need adjustment with a diagnostic device so that the car’s ECU and electrical consumers are correctly connected to the battery and everything will work flawlessly on your car after the replacement procedure.


Book a battery check or a regular maintenance with a battery check conveniently via our contact form.


The longevity of your car will depend on how fast any emerging issues are solved. Whenever you notice something different or strange with your car, bring it to your closest Carstop service where our professionals will diagnose and fix the issue.