Tire sale and tire fitting

There are hundreds or even thousands of tire change services all over Estonia. Some of them are companies in business for a long time with great reputation. But on many occasions there are tire change shops in parking lots, small garages etc. And when you have a tire change emergency right at the deadline, you might be tempted to go a place whose quality you are unsure of. But many issues can arise when having your tires changed by an inexperienced or sloppy mechanic – starting from scraped rims to unbalanced wheels, the latter leading to uneven alignment and eventually uneven wear of the tires.

To ensure the best quality service and care for your car and its tires we suggest to always choose a reputable car service. Carstop has fourteen services all around Estonia that will always offer you a high quality service. Our service technicians will always check the condition of your tires before mounting them. In Estonia there are specific limits to the condition of the tires and if the tires brought to the service fall below the limits, our service tech will offer replacements. We will offer replacements that suit your budget and you will be able to decide whether you wish to get a convenient all inclusive service or if you would like to bring replacement tires to us yourself.


A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check the condition of your tires every season. Check for uneven wear and the depth of the thread.
  2. If the tires are older than five years, we suggest to consider replacing them
  3. All season tires might be enticing as they reduce the need to change tires every season, but we suggest to use specific summer and winter tires, due to the harsher than normal winter conditions that are present in Estonia.


You can have your tires changed or repaired at any Carstop service close to you. Just find a suitable service and call them, or write them using our convenient contact form.